HeartSine 500P – Intelligent, lightweight, Price Match Guarantee & Free Training


The Heart180 HeartSine SAM 500P is one of the most intelligent defibrillators on the market. It’s perfect mix for any workplace but suits most businesses that are predominantly occupied by adults. Also our Guy Leech led, online CPR & Defib Training is tailored to your defibrillator & will get all your staff up to speed with this awesome product quickly and easily!

The HeartSine 500P also comes with an 8 year warranty.

HeartSine 500P SAM AED Features & Benefits

  • The HeartSine SAM 500P is one of the most intelligent defibrillators available.
  • Featuring CPR Advisor, which provides real time feedback as to the effectiveness of the CPR being administered.
  • Lightest public access defibrillator on the market and ETSO certified (aircraft compliant).


8 Year Warranty | Integrated CPR Advisor provides CPR coaching with metronome plus real-time verbal and visual feedback with compression rate and depth prompts | Escalating energy up to 360J | 4 Year Battery & Pad life | Lightweight and compact – the smallest and lightest AED available | IP56 Rating: High protection against dust and water | Simple-to-own defibrillator, designed to be durable, affordable and highly user friendly |Exceptionally rugged |Weekly internal maintenance check.


Package Includes

Soft Carry Case | Instruction CD and Manual | Free 12 month online CPR & Defib training course | Battery & Pad replacement email reminder.
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