Brett Orpwood

Brett Orpwood was Heart180’s first life saved with one our defibs.
Brett was running with his 7 year old son in Mullum Mullum Vic at a Parkrun event when he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.
His fellow runners responded with a team effort in CPR until the race director jogged to where he lay collapsed and hit him a couple of jolts from the Heart180 defibrillator.
“Effectively I was the first life saved by a defibrillator at a Parkrun,” said Mr Orpwood.
“It was an electrical issue – an arrhythmia issue so my heart just stopped. I was very, very fortunate I was saved by a defibrillators.”
Mr Orpwood was implanted with his own personal defib and after months of recovery went back to running in March. He has just done his first half-marathon.
“We still need so many defibrillators added to society and we need more people to learn CPR,” he said.