Neighbourhood Program

Neighbourhood Program

We created the Neighbourhood Defib Program to help protect communities across Australia from heart related incidents.
Approx 80 people a day suffer a sudden cardiac arrest in their home & don’t survive.

Our program gets the home-owners in their street to all contribute a small amount of money to purchase a defib.
By doing this the cost is minor & the home-owners position the device in a place easily assessable to everyone.

We provide our online training course, so everyone feels comfortable acting in a life & death situation. If requested, we also organise one of our trainers to provide face to face instructions.

Since we began this program in 2016, streets across Aust have joined in & now have a Heart180 defib in easy access.

80% of sudden cardiac arrests occur in homes. It’s important that we get as many of these life saving devices into the communities of Australia.

For more information on the Heart180 Neighbourhood Program – click here.