About Us

Why DEFIBS Save Lives

At Heart180, we want to have a defib within 180 seconds of any Australian suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.

The Ugly Fact is you probably know someone that has been impacted by a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. A Heart180 defibrillator puts the odds in your favour. When you have a sudden cardiac arrest your heart stops beating.

It’s an electrical failure. This means the only thing that can get the heart beating again is a defibrillator!

Give Yourself a chance.

600 people die of heart failure every week.

Without a defibrillator, you have a 6% chance of surviving, with a defibrillator, it's as high as 90%. we'll take those odds.

Whether you’re at home or at work, If we can get a defibrillator within 180 seconds of every Australian, over 20,000 lives can be saved every year.

About Heart180

Heart180 is a national based defibrillator company founded by Guy Leech in 2016. Heart180 distributes the two leading brands of defibrillators in the world – LIFEPAK & HeartSine. Through Guy’s commitment to promote the need for defibs across his vast media platform he has quickly become the trusted voice in this category. In an Australian first, Heart180 have partnered with Harvey Norman in a deal that has seen defibs made available through their stores to the general public. It is rollouts like this that has made Heart180 the trusted defib company in Aust.

Heart180 provides a total solution for its customers – from the defib that will best fit your needs, free online CPR & Defib training course as well as professional counselling support for anyone associated with the use of a Heart180 device in the management of an event.
Heart180 is the preferred supplier of defibs in Aust for companies like Anytime Fitness, Orange Theory, Foodlands, Mitre10, IGA, Home Timber & Hardware, 12 Rounds & Curves.

Heart180 Mission Is To Get A Defibrilator Within 180 Seconds Of Every Australian.

It’s simple, we want to stop so many Australians dying from cardiac arrests; to drastically reduce the 30,000 lives lost from Sudden Cardiac Arrests every year. We’re here to educate and inspire Australians to act, and together give defibrillators to the people who can’t afford them.