Australia Swim Schools Association – for Automated External Defibrillator

Guy Leech – Defibrillators

Yes, compared to a full-on aquatic and leisure centre, heart attacks and other conditions that require the heart to be re-started are rare at Swim Schools. However, they do happen! Think past the young children in classes. Think the accompanying parents. Think grandparents coming to watch. Think adult learners and lap swimmers. Having an AED on site can make a massive difference in successfully reviving the patient.

A goal of the Australian Swim Schools Association is to have 100% of Swim Schools with a high quality AED that meets (or exceeds) ANZCOR Guidelines. To help make this a reality, ASSA have partnered with Guy Leech to bring such a unit – The LIFEPAK CR Plus* – to you – with a 10% discount or a super payment plan. In determining to associate with Guy, the following was factored in:

  • Physio-Control, the makers of the LIFEPAK CR Plus, invented the defibrillator, 61 years ago, and are still industry-leading. Some manufacturers have only been around for a short period. Experience is a key in life-saving.
  • Physio-Control’s shock performance has been evaluated in twice as many cardiac arrest victims as all the major five other manufacturers combined. Some manufacturer’s models have NO published clinical evidence on their performance.
  • The LIFEPAK CR Plus adheres to the latest ANZOR Guidelines. Some defibrillators do NOT shock up to 200J, with no escalating energy for difficult to defibrillate patients.
  • The LIFEPAK AEDs are proven to be the quickest time to first shock – this above all is critical in a life-saving event.
  • It comes with an 8 year warranty!